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100 toughened lithium batteries enter the domestic and foreign markets

2018-08-01 16:09:54 Shanghai Hezhu Industrial Co., Ltd. read

With the popularity of smart phones, new energy vehicles, medical devices and other products, strong demand for new, efficient and environment-friendly battery materials, China's battery new material market will usher in new opportunities.

In 2015, Shanghai hezhu Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in Jiading District, Shanghai. The company takes lithium battery products as the core to enter the market at home and abroad. "In the coming years, with the popularity and maturity of Li ion batteries in the field of new energy vehicles and energy storage equipment, Shanghai hzhu industry will continue to focus on building up three core competitiveness of resources, technology and industry chain.

Since the large-scale commercial lithium ion battery, by virtue of its excellent performance, has been firmly occupy two constantly take cities and seize territory, a battery of high-end market. But in a long period of time, the world's lithium ion battery market is basically a dominant situation in Japan. In recent years China and South Korea to spare no effort to catch up, the company's 100 Ren brand as the representative of a group of new materials enterprises China temper innovation, driven by the doctor and master the core of sophisticated research personnel, strengthen the substrate material and the active material of key technology for new green battery research and development research and development of electric vehicles, the key. The raw materials of electric medical equipment and other new industries closely related to lithium ion batteries and other new green power battery, get the advantage in the competition at home and abroad, to promote the world lithium ion battery market has formed a situation of tripartite confrontation, in Japan and South Korea's pattern.

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